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Pamela Wallace

Artist Statement

Pamela Wallace is a native daughter who has lived in Sonoma County since the age of 12. Transplanted from the San Francisco Bay Area in 1961, Pamela bought a small house in 1970—where she could raise her son—and has lived in Glen Ellen ever since. She’s been passionate about creating since she was old enough to walk.

Pamela took every art class available at Sonoma Valley High School (thanks Mr. Grant and Mr. Larson–great teachers…), then went on to the Santa Rosa Junior College while raising her son. Distracted by horses, motorcycles, scuba diving, skiing, music, and…and…and…an eclectic career path that twisted and turned from a hair–accessory–design business to bartending and catering, and the corporate world, Pamela transferred her creative skills to earning a living and pretty much set art on the back burner.

After suffering career “burnout” as an insurance executive, Pamela landed in the non–profit sector in the early 90’s and worked for three non-profit organizations concurrently––the Council on Aging, Community Support Network and InterFaith Shelter Network (IFSN) serving the homeless. She’s been with IFSN since 1993 and took over as the Executive Director in September of 1997. All–consumed by her non-profit career––she became a workaholic and ten years flew by.

In the spring of 2007, she recognized an gnawing, unsatisfied hunger to paint again, and her artist mother–Glen Leotta–happily took the cue, put some painting supplies together, and gave her a nudge…. Pamela was off and painting again (after almost 25 dormant years) and savoring every moment of the process!

As John Lennon said, “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.” I feel as though I’ve been making ‘other plans’ for far too long. I rejoice that my life includes painting once again; it feels essential to my overall well-being. I love my work with the homeless, and it will continue, but…with a more balanced approach.

Although the process of creating is intensely satisfying, it is even more so when someone enjoys the outcome as thoroughly as the creator enjoyed creating it. I humbly offer the finished products for your pleasure. Art is meant to be seen, and pondered, criticized and shared…and above all…enjoyed!

Painting takes me to a happy, hopeful, peaceful place…away from the sadness and weariness of the world. If you enjoy the end result as much as I enjoyed the process, my mission is fulfilled..