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Bob Sweeney

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I try to recreate a memory on my canvas – a warm day at a vacation resort pool, a moment in a garden, an afternoon hike above a vineyard.

My “career” began in the 7th Grade: the nuns at blue–collar Corpus Christi School entered my painting of Fisherman’s Wharf in a children’s art contest sponsored by a downtown department store. I’d used watercolor and white tempera – poster paint – for the boat hulls – so the nuns filled in “mixed media” on the application. Since there apparently were no other “mixed media” entries, I won first prize. I was on TV. Back at school I was labeled “The Artist.” That was the year of Sputnik.

My parents had toiled through the Great Depression and said, fine, be an artist, but learn a trade so you don’t starve to death. I was only the second person in family history to graduate from college: bachelor science, civil engineering. But I had to keep painting.

Memories, daydreams, so much to do.
–Bob Sweeney