Paula Strother – Artist/Painter

Artist Statement

Paula Strother

Paula Strother

I know of no other activity as captivating and focused as getting involved in the painting process. The intensity of the moment, making decisions, solving problems, creating something that had previously not existed, is an amazing consuming experience. There is frustration, defeat, pain, but sometimes magic happens. It’s worth the struggle to reach that moment of perceived success. Another powerful draw to this process is the enormous potential for growth and expansion as an artist. And this will last a lifetime.

I enjoy working with acrylic paint as the flow and quick–drying feature of the paint enables me to work quickly and spontaneously, adding and changing as needed. An additional advantage is the ability to apply paint thickly for texture or watered down for a softer look. I like to work from photographs I’ve taken of landscapes, people, architecture and the unique features of places I have traveled.

I’m interested in light on subjects adding a dramatic look to the painting. Working with a quick brush is the “norm”, but I occasionally enjoy the process of capturing details and a more realistic look.

I was always happiest working with my hands creating things, so I naturally gravitated toward all the art classes I could take in college. I obtained a degree in Art with an emphasis in Commercial Art. I worked in the advertising field for a while then, because of my interest in the field of Psychology, continued my education to obtain a MA in Art Therapy. I was interested in Geriatric Art at the time and loved working with elderly individuals exploring their past and emotions through their artistic expressions.

I then decided to pursue a Secondary Teaching Credential in Art and consequently taught Art to Middle and High School students for 20 years in Santa Rosa. After retiring in 2005, I resolved to devote myself to developing my own art. I’ve since been involved with galleries in Lucerne and Lakeport in Lake County, Sebastopol and Davis, and now, Glenn Ellen.