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Wayne Anthony Rice

Artist Statement

Wayne Anthony Rice’s fifteen years of experience in film and media production have had a profound impact on his art. Whether in his abstract photographic work or his sculptural work, he consistently finds himself influenced by an environment which washes him in tens of thousands of images. Much of filmmaking is taking real moments in time and building them into flights of the imagination. This is the nature of much of Rice's work.

He has been influenced by a wide range of mediums including writing, painting, sculpture and film. Artists like Duchamp, Kline, Hockney and Siskind have been influences on him since he was first exposed to their work earning his bachelor's degree in art. But, equally impactful were the works of Kubric, Bergman, Tarkovsky and Kurosawa.

His latest exploration into the abstraction of moments has fueled an ongoing series of works which seem to occupy a world yet discovered. They float in a space–like void as if waiting to be stumbled upon by an extraterrestrial explorer. They are the unreal made from the real.