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Tom Moyer – Photographer

Artist Statement

I’ve been a photographer for over fifty years. My interest started as a teenager with the gift of an inexpensive 35mm Sears camera. As I grew older and pursued a technical career my tastes in equipment got more sophisticated. I carried a pair of 35mm SLRs for years that I used until they wore out. The start of the digital age coincided with my retirement and I bought my first Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera. I set some goals for myself: 1) Raise my skill level as a photographer through practice, honest self criticism and education. 2) Obtain the best equipment for my field of interest, landscape photography, that I could. 3) Get a state of the art printer and learn how to use it properly.

I have taken a number of classes at SRJC, at Clement’s in San Francisco and on line. These covered the esthetics of photography, the technical aspects, and the under–appreciated skill sets required to do quality printing. I use top end Canon cameras and lenses for my photography and an Epson 3800pro for printing. I do all my own printing using archival pigment and premium mat paper.

Here is what I aim for as a landscape photographer. I have to be at the right place at the right time. I roam the county, and beyond, looking for interesting views. I visit these locations many times looking for special light and other conditions. When all is right I try to capture the image. If successful I have to transfer that image onto paper in a manner so that you, the viewer, will see what I saw through my lens. I might tweak a color channel a bit to emphasize a sunset or rainbow or fall leaves but in the end I want the viewer to see what was.

My photography has been used in the Wine Spectator and Napa–Sonoma Magazines among others and several wine related web–sites.