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Diana Lee

Artist Statement

They’re Not Photographs, These Are Scratchboards

Traditional scratchboard is a three–layer medium made up of a support surface coated with a layer of smooth white kaolin clay (porcelain) and then sprayed with a layer of thin black ink. I scratch through the layer of ink, often using the tip of a surgical scalpel, to expose the white clay below, producing a black and white image. When light strikes the exposed porcelain it gives an iridescent glow. I sometimes add transparent color to the exposed white areas of the work with inks or paint. Most scratchboard artwork can take well over 100 hours of scratching to be completed.

About The Artist

As an artist I have always been interested in meticulous detail. Scratchboard is the perfect medium to satisfy this interest. There isn’t another medium that can provide the precision that scratchboard offers.

In March of 2009 I joined a select group of featured artists, including Claybord inventor Charles Ewing, in an international show of scratchboard art in Indianapolis. Sponsored by Ampersand, the company that manufactures scratchboard, the show in Indianapolis was one of the first ever to focus specifically on the medium scratchboard. I was selected again for another international scratchboard show, taking place in Colorado, in January of 2010, juried by Charles Ewing.

My work is featured in The Artist's Magazine, March 2010 issue.

I have produced commissioned illustrations for a California women’s magazine and books by a fellow artist. I have exhibited my scratchboards in a number of galleries in Northern California. I am finishing up a “how to” book on scratchboard including tutorials on using scratchboard with different color mediums. I am currently offering workshops and demonstrations with scratchboard. Ampersand uses my artwork to illustrate the potential of their product and for their new signage.