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Victoria A. Kochergin

Victoria A. Kochergin

Victoria A. Kochergin

Victoria A. Kochergin
Botanical Artist & Illustrator
(707) 479-3336


Artist Statement

As a botanical artist, I closely study each subject to assure that I capture and convey all its wonderful details. During this process, I am constantly amazed and in awe with the amount of variety, complexity and beauty which exists in the botanical world. While one might first see beauty in a particular botanical object, beneath this beauty, there remain many separate parts. Parts such as the stamen, pistil, and leaves can go unnoticed at first glance, but with more inspection can lead to a great discovery. I feel extremely drawn as a botanical artist to seek these discoveries. Consequently, from the time I select a subject, study it and then draw it, I gain greater knowledge, further admiration and a personal interaction and connection to it. It is this profound and evolving experience, which I strive to integrate in each of my drawings, so that others can also discover, appreciate and experience the unlimited treasures of the botanical world.

I graduated in 1989 from U.C. Berkeley with Bachelors in both Fine Art and English. Although I have worked with various mediums including charcoal, oil and acrylic paints, pastels, ink, watercolors, sculpture and lithography, I still find drawing with colored pencil to be the medium of my choice. I feel the ability to create a telling piece of art, by returning to the basics of a piece of paper and pencil, is a wonderful reflection of the creative spirit within me.

Green Practices

I also have a selection of note cards, matted giclée and canvas prints available of my artwork. With all respect and honor for nature, my note cards are printed on recycled and sustainably farmed paper. Note card sleeves are made of EarthFirst™ plant-based and compostable material and note card boxes are recyclable. Please visit my website at or contact me for more information.