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Kathleen N. Brown

Artist Statement

Working with clay requires a certain willingness to forget one’s self in the process of creating. Whether I make a functional piece of pottery or a sculptured interpretation of an idea, working in clay is a mysterious and wonderful journey that brings forth the life of the piece.

My functional work allows me to design and create with some control over the final piece. There is a wonderful rhythm of throwing on the wheel that is satisfying and allows me to create work that I can live with and use daily. A set of bowls, a platter, cups, and wall creations, can be enjoyed for their form, shape and color as well as being part of my daily living. It is always exciting upon opening the kiln door to see the results of a lengthy and creative process.

Besides high-fired functional ware, I love making pit-fired vessels and clay monoprints at my Petaluma studio, an old chicken coop from the late 1800’s.

No matter what I make in clay, the learning is ongoing. Just when I think I’ve mastered a piece, it cracks, the glaze runs, or the clay slumps. Processes collide to keep even the most experienced clay artist steeped in detective work. Learning and creativity are constantly at play.