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Ken Berman

Artist Statement

I was born in a small town in northern New Jersey in 1966 and received my undergraduate degree in Architecture from Lehigh University and my Masters degree in Architecture from New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Building forms and mechanical appurtenances have always interested me and are the primary inspiration for my work. Ever since I was an undergraduate at Lehigh University, surrounded by the Bethlehem Steel Mills, I have explored my own inner 'factory' with the goal of creating a visual language that articulates my own theories of art and life.

I loosely describe my artwork as Industrial with architectonic and mechanical influences referencing Cubism, Constructivism and the Steampunk and Cyberpunk movements. In arranging the compositions for my paintings I combine static and dynamic elements simultaneously referencing both portraiture and movement.

My latest work combines a myriad of orthogonal and diagonal elements with curves, lines and points rendered in rough and smooth textures combined with minor hints of color and smoke/steam meant to represent life/humanity.


My work has been described as:

“A mysterious schematic for an extraterrestrial widget”
– Colin Berry, Artweek

Schematic:          Generalized diagram, plan, or scheme

Extraterrestrial:   Outside or originating outside the limits of the earth

Widget:                 A small mechanical device whose name is not known or cannot be recalled


“Highly Finished Depictions of Mechanical Confabulations”
– Harley, Fine Artist

Depiction:            Representation or characterization

Mechanical:         Having to do with machinery

Confabulation:    Replacement of a gap in memory by a falsification that the ‘artist’ accepts as correct